Guitar Class

Individual classic guitar classes based on a master-pupil system.

Music lessons develop pupils’ creativity in a favourable atmosphere. Appropriate methods, selected by the teacher to suit individual needs of every pupil, can improve memory and significantly amplify concentration. These abilities are useful at school, and very helpful in adult life - both private and professional.

During a lesson, pupils learn new music sheets, what supports development of their analytical skills, notes interpretations, and faster tablature evaluation. How to overcome challenges? How to see similarities in a music piece? How to interpret unknown musical elements? Music lessons help pupils master skills of logical thinking.

The programme is selected according to your interests and, among others, includes:

  • reading music sheets
  • cartoons about music
  • refinement of hearing
  • solfege
  • history and theory of music
  • music games
  • The program provides learners with an extensive range of music literature, including, among others, classical and jazz pieces, soundtracks from Disney movies, ethnic music, as well as Christmas carols.

    The programme includes solo pieces, as well as duets - performed with another guitar.

    There is an instrument at the school, so you don’t have to bring your own-a comfortable solution. During the first month you are not required to have your own instrument at home.

    Lessons are available in Polish or English.