First steps

Lessons which bring out a love of music that lasts for an entire lifetime, are designed for 3 to 6-years-olds, the age when children are particularly open and responsive to new knowledge. Lessons are individual, and the programme is adapted to fit age and skills of every pupil, introducing them to the world of sounds and music.

This original programme designed by Bogna Kolodziej provides a vast amount of music, activity, and fun, which stimulates development and bring a lot of pleasure. There is an additional value, which is a simultaneous preparation to begin playing an instrument.

The programme of learning music and refining hearing includes:

  • music games
  • singing popular songs
  • screenings of music movies
  • independent music improvisations on a piano and other instruments
  • musical fairytales
  • introduction to classical music masterpieces
  • Mini concerts – live music

Lessons are available in Polish or English