The Melody of Polish

Individual rhetoric classes based on a master-pupil system. The programme is addressed at adults.

Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world, due to the variety of voiced and voiceless consonants. The following phonemes are the most difficult for foreigners: -ś, -ć, -ż, -ź, -sz, -cz, -dz, -dż, -dź as well as -r.

Foreigners, who can pronounce difficult Polish words, are admired. Correct pronunciation in a given language builds trust, particularly among business partners. Such a person is well respected and liked, is easier to negotiate with and signs beneficial contracts. Having completed simple exercises, it is easier to express oneself in everyday situations, such as shopping, visiting a doctor, or actively participating in parents’ meetings at schools.

Exercising with a professional speech therapist will teach the correct pronunciation of Polish words and sentences. Once a set of exercises - individually selected by the teacher to suit each learner's needs - is completed, difficult words become easy to pronounce and understandable for Poles.

Children, who realize quicker than adults that the Polish pronunciation of their parents is incorrect, often feel embarrassed. Children can feel more uninhibited among peers when their parents pronounce Polish correctly.

The programme of The Melody of Polish also includes an additional element, i.e. relaxation techniques that improve the speech organ.

Lessons are available in Polish or English