Thank you for your time of hard work!

Here you can read stories of fulfilled pupils.

The best references from a 7-years old pupil, Iwona

„This is my beloved Teacher” Ania, 6-years old

A wonderful testimonial of 4 years old Kasia

From 6 years old Ania

“I drew my piano lesson. I play piano, my legs rest on a red stool, and Ms Bogna sits next to me. I play my favorite music piece “I’ve got a friend” (You can clearly see C note, and I play A note with the third finger or my left hand). I’ve just finish playing my piece and I’m looking at Ms Bogna to see if it was ok, and she is smiling.”
- references of 4 years old Klara.

Why it is worth to play an instrument? explains Ola Nguyen

“My teacher laughs a lot!” says Iwona