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Prenatal concerts

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We invite you to Prenatal Concerts from the Piano Meeting series.

We invite you to a special concert for mothers, parents waiting for the birth of their little ones. The baby hears sounds from the outside world from the sixteenth week of pregnancy.

It's a time to celebrate closeness. Our heart adapts to the surrounding music, and the sounds of the instrument penetrate deeply.

The sooner the adventure with music begins, the better. We run cyclical classes for children from 1 month of age, and now we invite you to a unique chamber music concerts. The sounds of the instrument are enchanting, and during the concerts we have planned additional attractions. Children and their parents will feel the sounds, vibrations and power of music.

The idea of the concert is to develop parent-child closeness and contact with real music and musicians. Classical pieces, but not only. During the concert, parents will be able to lie in a comfortable position or sit on the balls. Conscious parents know how important it is to be able to listen to high-quality music.

Concerts allow children to understand music and experience the art of creating melodies. The Music Seminar is a place where time stops, you can come and sit down, while the artists create magic on the stage. Music is emotions, it is a universal language.

What does classical music do?

  • It stimulates the brain and creates new connections between neurons
  • It calms the children
  • Supports the development of speech and language
  • Concerts are a great inspiration for children. Perhaps in the future, the child will be interested in taking the instrument in their own hands and will start learning to play.

    The concerts take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 18:00


  • 15/16 July 2022 guitar - SOLD OUT
  • 23/24 July 2022 cello - SOLD OUT
  • 30/31 July 2022 piano - SOLD OUT
  • 6/7 August 2022 vi
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