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for children 0-3 years old

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Sing up now! The number of slots is limited.

Afraid of commitments? Try a starter package - 4 lessons to check what's best for you!

Now special price for you! The cost of the 4 lessons package is 100€. You can choose other payment currency - AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD.

We offer lessons in an Art Nouveau building in the center of Warsaw, and also online - available across the world.

Online lessons are available in accordance with time zone differences. Lessons are intended for adult first-timers, beginners, and advanced players. Learning materials – everything you need you will receive by email. Online lessons are adjusted to individual needs of every student – live in an agreed time. Lessons are available in English.

We invite you to music classes for the youngest. The magical world of music awaits children from the first month of life. Our youngest student was only 5 weeks old!

Through play, we introduce babies to the world of sounds and rhythms, which allows us to develop the musical potential of the child to the maximum.

During the epidemic, we only offer individual classes - dates are agreed with each parent separately. When the epidemiological situation calms down, we will also create small groups. The presence of a parent or guardian is required. It is a time to build a bond between the child and the parent with live music.

The spacious 30-40m2 rooms are carpeted.

We have a special feeding and changing room.

A large elevator leads to the school, you can easily enter with a pram.

Lessons are held in an Art Nouveau tenement house in the center of Warsaw, 7 days a week.

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for children 0-3 years old

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for children 0-3 years old

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for children 0-3 years old

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