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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Classes are individual and are intended for preschool and early school children

We conduct lessons in an Art Nouveau tenement house in the center of Warsaw, and now also online - classes available all over Poland and around the world.

Writes are in progress. The number of places is limited. Records and information 883 489 184

The classes are intended for beginners as well as for those who are already playing and advanced. Learning materials - we send the notes by e-mail. Classes are held online individually - live on an agreed date. Lessons are available in Polish and English.

Music speech therapy is an innovative class that combines speech therapy with rhythmics. They affect the articulation organ, the auditory and auditory-motor sphere. The aim of the classes is to harmoniously stimulate speech and to sensitize the child to the rhythm, melody, tempo, dynamics and timbre. These are features common to speech and music.

Speech therapy classes are conducted through play and use:

  • speech therapy exercises
  • breathing exercises
  • word exercises
  • listening exercises
  • rhythmic exercises
  • exercises for gross and fine motor skills
  • exercises to develop a child's dictionary

Classes are aimed at correcting speech impediments using, among others, songs and special speech therapy exercises. The child's speech apparatus improves and linguistic communication improves. An additional benefit is the development of fine motor skills and hand therapy. The program is arranged individually according to the child's needs. We offer diagnosis and speech therapy, with the use of music.

We offer a special program to improve pronunciation for children living outside Poland. Our teachers also conduct classes in English.