Concerts for adults

Piano Class


Individual classes based on a master-pupil system . A specially designed programme for teaching adults from scratch.

Limited number of participants. Start today and make your dreams come true. Records and information 792 668 323

Want to be sure? Try the 4 Lessons Starter Pack to find out if this is the best teacher for you!

Now special price for you! The cost of the 4 lessons package is 100€. You can choose other payment currency - AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD.

We conduct lessons in an Art Nouveau tenement house in the center of Warsaw, and now also online - classes available all over Poland and around the world.

Online classes are available taking into account the time differences

Many people have been dreaming of learning to play the piano since early childhood, unfortunately they haven't had such an opportunity. Unfulfilled dreams of the past often come back years later, and making them come true gives a lot joy, satisfaction and relaxation.

The programme is selected according to your interests and, among others, includes:

  • Classical masterpieces
  • Jazz, Blues, Rock’n’roll
  • Hits songs of The Beatles, Abba, etc.
  • Themes from operas and ballets
  • Movie soundtracks
  • Musicals
  • Pop
  • Ethnic music

The programme specially designed for adults not only allows to make dreams come true, but also enables passing them on to children. Parents and children often begin their music education parallelly, and while practicing at home, they can help each other. This kind of music cooperation helps better understand one's own children, and build a deeper connection, particularly through playing together in duets.

During the first month you are not required to have your own instrument at home.