Enrollment 2023


Enrollment in our school is ongoing

We invite you to:

  • piano
  • guitar
  • ukulele
  • cello
  • saxophone
  • classical and entertaining singing
  • music classes for kids


for children - individual music classes, learning to play for children from 5 years of age. We also have for teenagers from scratch and for those who want to learn.

for adults - a special curriculum from scratch, as well as for people already playing.

for seniors - who wanted to play, but there was no time and opportunities, and for those who would like to get back to playing.


Common Questions

Where is the school located?

We conduct classroom activities in an Art Nouveau tenement house in the center of Warsaw - Aleje Jerozolimskie 53. And also online - classes available all over Poland and around the world. Lessons are available in every place, each is 30-40m2 spaced apart. There is a large waiting room for parents. There is an elevator leading to the school, which can accommodate a stroller. Additionally, we have Protection. We recommend you see photos of the school

What are the hours of classes?

The school is open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 22:00. We set all dates, so we will try to find the best times for you.

Do I have to apply for a full year or semester?

We invite you to a trial lesson to see what the lessons at our school look like.

How to have fun?

It should work +48 792 668 323 or or and a convenient time.

Do I have to buy an instrument?

No! We have all the instruments, big and small, so we have a need to have difficulty preparing the tools. possibility to borrow an instrument. We recommend instruments and we also help with the purchase.

We offer flexible lessons

In schools we have a lot of changes in the plans of children in schools, possibly we make a plan for the student.

Will I come see the school and the details?

Of course, you are welcome. However, due to the state of the epidemic, please make an appointment by phone 883 489 184 for an offer.

Are there compulsory examinations and grades at school?

No! Exams cause stress, which is also associated with music. And yet music allows you to release stress and tension. We have a lot of followers, such as the club advertising want advertising. Art cannot be judged.

I want my child to play for fun. Learning music is developed and helps build capital. I don't want him to be a musician.

Of course, our graduates work in various professions, they are doctors, lawyers, architects. But still music is present in their adult lives and allows them to rest. The learning program is up to our standards. We also have students who decided to study because it is their passion, but it was their decision to make a decision.

Are recommendations available?

We will show nearly 25 years to recommend our first schools that are returning with their children. You can state child pupils with pupils' views children here . Writes are already in progress. The number of places is limited. Information +48 792 668 323